A, B, C-DiFF, E, F, G…

My favorite doctor here told me we should pray for a very boring few weeks.  So far, so NOT the case. My little boy went ahead and contracted C-diff (as mentioned in another post, he was being tested for it). Thus, lots of poop, crazy fevers and barfing.

Mind you, I am not sitting back idly watching the RN’s. I’m in there, wiping this, catching that, washing this, sanitizing that, giving meds, sponge baths, oral rinses, sneaking Chapstick on him while he sleeps, scrubbing off adhesive, holding him while he gets dressing changed, “sleeping” right next to him on a twin hospital bed and overall, just exposing myself to the same bacteria.

How did I find out he was infected? Not by a doctor. And I panicked and punched a soap dispenser. I was very ANGRY, I can say that again, I felt very ANGRY that I was not told by a doctor. I was blind-sided. I seriously considered moving Ashton to Cincinnati or however the hell you spell it. Suffice it to say, there is now an ORDER in his file to tell the mother of any new occurrences BEFORE the rest of the family or with the rest of the family. My mistake was, I left the grounds for a 40 minute run nearly three hours after rounding was to have occurred.

It is my job to be here. To question things. To notice things. To listen carefully. To notice when it isn’t nausea, it’s PAIN. To notice when, gee? He doesn’t seem to be breathing!?

If I knew how to move him to Cincinnati, I would. He’s too sick to move now.  I don’t have a helicopter. Where in the HELL is the damned doctor? This infection kills 14,00 people a year in America alone and I have not talked to a doctor YET.

Oh, and guess what? NOW, now! Everyone who enters the room wears proper garb. Yellow protective garb, hair covering, masks, gloves, glasses…where was all this protective gear when his counts first dropped below 300?

All that being said, today has been calm because they finally decided to give him IV Tylenol as a rule as they were likely not excited about c-diff/chemo barf getting on them. So, only mild fever and no vomit. The atmosphere has remained calm throughout the day. Well, after the soap dispenser episode. We played play-doh a long time and talked about NOT going outside.

One more treatment at 5am. Then we begin to rise up with healthy cells, his hair falls out, we go home in three weeks and we plant some flowers. Then, we begin again. Whether we return here for ROUND 2, remains to be seen.