The Olden Days




I used to have to get him up to take him to work with me(winter in Chicago)¬†at 5 am. He worked a full day until we got home at 7pm. He showed up in pajamas and he went home in pajamas. It’s one of my favorite photos of him. While the kids slept, I did school work. Then, classes at night. It was impossible. But, it worked for awhile. He got used to the routine. What was funny would be when I brought Lily and Blaise with me over xmas break and there would be 6 kids there. I don’t even think that’s legal. But it is the fun kind of chaos and a great memory. Seems like I was always on the floor cleaning up something that spilled or breaking up a fight or pulling someone off a precipice from near death. But, never a dull moment and plenty of interaction for the little man. I will never forget trips to Target (part of the job) with 4 kids under 5. He is showing small signs of this same kid while laying in this bed. He may be able to leave the room in short bursts in a few days (yip!)


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  1. Lauri H.

    So happy for every little sign of progress. And every amazing story you share. He is a trooper and so are you and the big kids. Love you all!

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