1. Confused

    There is a time and a place for these things and this is not it.

    As an outside observer, it’s really difficult to keep quiet and not respond with rage and anger at certain members of this woman’s family. Do you people realize that this isn’t about you? Any of you? Do you realize that when people are in these insane situations,,faced with the possibility of losing their child,, it’s often best to just shut up?

    I have been dealing with a friend who has been dealt a terrible hand this month. My best friend. The person I’m closest to on this planet… through this, she has often times been downright abusive and mean. She is angry and afraid and hurt… Know how I handle it? I take it and I hug her and I tell her we will get through this together… She cries… I cry… we do it all again the next day!

    When you witness someone you love being attacked by this Universe, you stand up for them… In whatever way that manifests itself. I may not know any of the story behind this, by Penny, your message here was enough.
    If you can’t be that support for your DAUGHTER, go away! Stop trying to make everybody think you’re a victim in this… You’re not! You’re only adding fuel to the flame!

    Erin, I’m sorry for this here. I can’t stand this crap though. I’m sorry you don’t have the support you need, because it’s glaringly clear- YOU DONT!!!

    You and Ashton are going to be fine… I know it! Don’t bother with a single person willing to add another grain of stress to your life right now!

    I love your guts… I’m glad we talked yesterday.

    – M

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