So, to a small handful of people, it is apparent that I totally wigged out last night. It was much akin to the Scott Situation. In that situation I spent months just “sort of” crying and feeling until one day I found myself screaming in my car. I was horrified that my throat went sore … [Read more…]

A Letter From My Friend

This note helped me tremendously. It helps me to understand a little bit more why and what is happening. It helps me to understand I am NOT crazy, or a bitch. This is anonymous for a reason. This friend poured out some real stuff. It really helped me. Thank you. xo   Hey girl…just caught up … [Read more…]

Moving Right Along

Well, I bathed today. And, I bought some milk. And, I quit crying. Mostly. The best thing that happened today was that I came to the conclusion with Nonni that Ashton needs to go directly to Cincinnati, effectively skipping Round Three at Dayton. As it is told to me, less than 24 hours after Ashton’s … [Read more…]

Real Life

I am hereby concluding that I cannot have a real life. The End.     It’s very difficult on the people around me. My emotions have a range as long as a Texas interstate with no rest stops. I am upbeat, even happy. I can laugh. I can also throw a serious tantrum. I can … [Read more…]


If WE GET A DONOR, WE WILL BE IN GOOD HANDS About Cincinnati Children’s Cincinnati Children’s, a nonprofit academic medical center established in 1883, is one of the oldest and most distinguished pediatric hospitals in the United States. Clinical Services We offer comprehensive clinical services, from treatments for rare and complex conditions to well-child care. … [Read more…]

Ok, So, That Part’s OVER

It was so nice to have the Aunts and Nonni here yesterday at Dayton Children’s again. They kept me distracted and laughing (the three together are an absolute riot) while waiting for Ashton to come out of a quadruple-whammy surgery. It was also wonderful to have Mike here when we went to the ER and to … [Read more…]


I slept on the couch with my contacts in. I woke up at 5, per usual. It’s my time to cry and then pull it together. I am exhausted. I am so afraid. I feel like someone else should be in charge. And then Ashton wakes up around 730 and I see the purpose of … [Read more…]


What is that? Is it something you want to get to? Like my sister’s college graduation? Or her wedding? Is it something you want to happen, like, your small town boy crossing the street? Do you aspire to have your garden grow? Do you aspire to have peace in your life? What are your aspirations. … [Read more…]

Last Post From Home

We saw the BIG DOC today. He smiled, and said one week is long enough to be home. So, they drew labs and we will find out tomorrow if he can stay through the weekend. He is “healthy” (ish) However, he needs another ROUND. Still no donor. As much as I loved room 415, in … [Read more…]