BELLA! Ashton’s second play date ever in life occurred yesterday. My little brother has a friend with a daughter almost exactly Ashton’s age and this is huge because he needs to be kid. The little girl is very mature for her age, so they were a good match.   Not that he can’t be demanding, but … [Read more…]

Go Tell Your Mommy

Great day yesterday. We were outside most of the day complete with planting seeds and a wagon ride. Ashton was complaining a bit but you get accustomed to that because nothing feels right to a child with Leukemia. And after all this time, a mere 37 days, I do not know if Cancer or Leukemia … [Read more…]

Exploded Rice-A-Roni

This kid would eat an armadillo if we were in Texas. Straight off the roadside. My mom bought these little Rice-A Roni microwave things in lieu  of Armadillo and I swear I follow the instructions. yet they explode every single time. He eats every 20 minutes is up to a whopping 43,23 lbs. My microwave … [Read more…]