Independence Day

Independence Day   July 4th, 2014   He has seen fireworks before, of course. This night, he and I are alone at the West Milton fireworks display. The crowd is buzzing and rough around the edges. He’s not wearing his mask since we are outside and I want him to feel normal, not stand out … [Read more…]

Mother’s Day

What little gem would he have made for me at school? Maybe a pinch pot. He would have painted it red or blue. He would be my first grader.   He does say he goes to school in Heaven. I know this because last Mother’s Day he gave me flowers. That likely sounds delusional because … [Read more…]

62 Days

I don’t want to do this anymore without you.  I want back every second I was selfish. Every moment I did not spend with you. I think I am entering a new phase. Bargaining. Cause apparently I have been pretty angry lately. And it shows. I’m starting today to make deals. What do I have … [Read more…]

You Think I’m ANGRY?

You think I have PTSD? I don’t have time to have PTSD because I have been concerned with YOU.  I became homeless the day after my son’s Memorial. My family was down the block while I was with my significant other who is about to leave me and my best friend who will never leave … [Read more…]

Ok, So. Prepare To Be Depressed

But you did choose to log on. It is said, if you lose a parent you have a collection of memories to draw from. Assuming that parent lived in to old age, it is the natural course of things, even if it was tragic. They lived a long fulfilling life, I hope, I hope. For … [Read more…]


Poorly. This is the opposite of good. Plus, I am poor. It appears I am handling this poorly. This is because I show no emotion, even while reels of images storm through my head and the only thing to stop them is Netflix. I will always remember you, Netflix. You have been here for me for … [Read more…]